Running a business is much easier when you have good relationships with staff, customers and suppliers.  In fact many would say business success is about the trust and level of service that comes with great relationships.    

Relationships with external advisors such as lawyers, business coaches, designers, marketeers, mentors and accountants are very important to the running of any business. How would you rate the relationship that you have with your external advisors? Are they proactive in helping you to achieve your financial goals, or do they just sit back and wait for your queries?       

As a business owner, you can try and do everything yourself. However, this can be exhausting! It also takes time away from running your business, which is what you are good at after all.   

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are  more likely to turn to their trusted advisors for advice on what they need to do to improve growth, profit and cashflow. And the services of a proactive accountant are at the core of this trusted advice.         

You should use trusted advisors to really create value in your business. Ask questions to make sure you are getting what you expect. Ask them early and again later if you need to be sure. Do your due diligence before engaging your advisors and keep the dialogue going as you and your advisor develop the business relationship.      

You need to get on with running your business. Get experienced help and advice for the rest. The outcome should be a better business and better life for you as you will not have the stress of trying to do and know everything about running a business.       

At Jack Lawrence Accountants., we’ll provide you with advice on business structuring, tax planning, cashflow and strategies for growth and profit. If we can’t answer your question directly, we’ll recommend our trusted external professional partners for further advice.


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